Considering I just started this blog a few days ago, It would be inappropriate to simply launch into the blog life without doing the basics – an introduction of myself, the author. Below are 10 things I want you to know about me, from this list I hope I can bump into like-minded folks! I […]

    Every Sunday feels the same. I wake up early enough, but then proceed to waste time doing a plethora of unnecessary things instead of getting ready for church. I then am filled with regret as I rush to find a scarf to wear over my head, rush to pack my things into my […]

So, I’m sure many of us are familiar with Twitter. At first i was opposed to Twitter because I simply didn’t understand how it worked, but then I figured it out and do not regret it at all. Aside from that, Twitter regularly has such interesting topic threads and also hashtags which become very popular. […]

Now now, I am in no way a full on fashion/style blogger. Sometimes I read style posts and wonder how people think of these combinations, considering I prefer a laid back and simple look over anything else. What I do like however, is appreciating the creativity of people. So today, for my first post concerning […]

So, I am about to embark on yet another semester of school! This, of course, means several reflections and promises made to myself, which I shall most likely not fulfill. I’m trying to repent for my sins though, so I’m going to try and put way more effort. So, in order to aid my endeavor to make more effort, I shall share what I am starting the semester with!

This is a story that was never completed. I don’t know what inspired me to write it, but I wanted to explore what life was like in the shoes of a girl who had experienced loss. I wrote this on 15 April 2013, 5 days before turning 15. I shall post some of my old stuff […]

It was a bright and sunny afternoon and I skipped off to the market, following a fruitful visit to the bookshop to get my law books. I was happy, clutching the N1500 in my hand, imagining the beat face I would be able to achieve when I purchased this certain product. Though I had a […]

Well, around this time last year, and by this time I mean anticipating-exam-results period, I was a mess. To be honest, I still am.  I remember stepping out of the exam hall on the day of my final exam for this semester, the wind hitting my face as it felt like a weight was lifted […]

I’m currently in a dilemma. It is important to note that I am quite a picky person, and also find it hard to make decisions when confronted with more than two options. So now, I stare at the theme page wondering which theme to choose. On Blogspot, there were a lot of ways one could […]

By the way, I wasn’t paid to sponsor this brand (maybe one day *wink*), and I don’t know the owner personally! I simply want to try it out! On Saturday, I received a call, which had me very excited. “What is your address please?”, asked the female voice on the other side of the phone. […]