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#BuyNigerian or Nah?

I love the internet and social media, it's such an amazing place which provides so much opportunity for people - especially small business owners. There are so many online stores which exist just on Instagram, no website or all those extra stuff (probably coming later on).  I like this, but then there are some repeated occurrences which annoy me to no end. Keep in mind that when I say online store, I don't mean stores like the really popular ones. I'm talking the smaller yet upcoming ones which may not necessarily be an 'official' brand, but a side hustle for the owners. Here are three most prominent ones.

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The Art of Remembering

remember |rɪˈmɛmbə| verb 1 [ with obj. ] have in or be able to bring to one's mind an awareness of (someone or something from the past) - Oxford Dictionary of English - Song: Do You Remember - Jarryd James Picture this: add about 4 - 10 years to your current age. Where do you… Continue reading The Art of Remembering

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I Did That | Late Valentines

'I Did That' is a segment of the blog which covers style/fashion & DIY endeavours. Though not as frequent as other posts, the content will always be quality. It's good to go through your old photos and albums, and I feel this way especially because usually I can remember all that went down on the… Continue reading I Did That | Late Valentines


Story Time | Set Up To Fail

This is a short story idea which I thought of the other day. I hope you enjoy the read. I haven't actually sat down to write anything creative in months so pardon my rustiness! You can help me out by suggesting themes or topics to incorporate into future short stories, I would really appreciate it and… Continue reading Story Time | Set Up To Fail

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Mind On The Month: May 2017

At first I lay on my bed thinking nothing really happened in May, but it turns out that a lot actually went down! There were several fun times but also challenges this month. Let's get into it! I must say, I'm currently loving certain things though.. Blogs: My constant love is and always will be Who… Continue reading Mind On The Month: May 2017


Confession: I Don’t Love God

Every Sunday feels the same. I wake up early enough, but then proceed to waste time doing a plethora of unnecessary things instead of getting ready for church. I then am filled with regret as I rush to find a scarf to wear over my head, rush to pack my things into my small bag… Continue reading Confession: I Don’t Love God

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The Heart of Man..

So, I'm sure many of us are familiar with Twitter. At first i was opposed to Twitter because I simply didn't understand how it worked, but then I figured it out and do not regret it at all. Aside from that, Twitter regularly has such interesting topic threads and also hashtags which become very popular.… Continue reading The Heart of Man..

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Eye on the Style | An Ode to Minimalist Necklaces

Now now, I am in no way a full on fashion/style blogger. Sometimes I read style posts and wonder how people think of these combinations, considering I prefer a laid back and simple look over anything else. What I do like however, is appreciating the creativity of people. So today, for my first post concerning… Continue reading Eye on the Style | An Ode to Minimalist Necklaces


Semester Shenanigans | For the Love of Stationery

So, I am about to embark on yet another semester of school! This, of course, means several reflections and promises made to myself, which I shall most likely not fulfill. I’m trying to repent for my sins though, so I’m going to try and put way more effort. So, in order to aid my endeavor to make more effort, I shall share what I am starting the semester with!