The Glow Up: How Your Blogger Faves Started

It's easy to get bitten by the comparison bug especially in blogging, but sometimes, we need to realise that everyone starts somewhere. Not all success comes overnight! Check out some popular bloggers and their very first posts!

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How To: Survive an Assassination Attempt

You're probably wondering what on earth the correlation is between the title of this post, and the featured photo. Worry not, and stay with me.  “I thought you were my friend! I thought we had resolved to weather the storms of life together, going hand in hand like best friends forever!” I screamed into the … Continue reading How To: Survive an Assassination Attempt

Blog Turn Offs

As diverse as we humans are, so are our interests! Different things appeal to different people, I'm sure you'd agree with me on that. As for me, one thing I am very particular about is design. From the packaging of a product to the layout of a website, I have a certain aesthetic. Once my … Continue reading Blog Turn Offs

Nigerian Pride: An Ode to Nigerian Creatives

So, it’s basically independence day. This day probably solicits a wide range of responses from people, from absolute joy (because, public holiday and whatnot) to numbness. Some may have probably lost all motivation and hope for this country, due to the hardships they have faced in it. I’m still quite young, and have been blessed, … Continue reading Nigerian Pride: An Ode to Nigerian Creatives

Mind on the Month: September

I don't think I've ever been as excited to write a 'Mind on the Month' post, as I am to write this one. The last time I was this excited was probably the first time I started writing these posts, in April. Well, I hope this excitement lasts, and October brings gifts with it!  Firstly, … Continue reading Mind on the Month: September

We Need More Safe Spaces: The Joro Olumofin Blog

Imagine a little corner of the internet, a place filled with all sorts of characters. A place where people come to laugh or cry, based on what is being presented to them. A place with a comment section rife with all sorts of comments, small fights and arguments, littered with insults (some of which you … Continue reading We Need More Safe Spaces: The Joro Olumofin Blog

Starter Pack: Bloggers

Just a disclaimer, this post is just for the bants! Nobody should come for me, because I'm also making fun of myself!  Oh, and also, I realise that "blogger" extends far beyond the niches I am into i.e. lifestyle, fashion, style, etc. Some people have blogs where they write news articles and all that. Well, … Continue reading Starter Pack: Bloggers