anike herbal solutions review

Review: Anike Herbal Solutions

By the way, I wasn’t paid to talk of this brand (maybe one day *wink*), and I don’t know the owner personally! I simply want to try it out.

Update (August 2017):

I wanted to do a separate post since I’ve used the products but I’ll just put it all here. The photos have been revamped and the products have now been used! At the end of each product listing, I write my perspective after 3 months under ‘OPINION’. Have a nice read!

First Encounters

On Saturday, I received a call, which had me very excited. “What is your address please?”, asked the female voice on the other side of the phone. Quickly, I typed my address and sent it in a text, anticipating my order! Eventually (though she initially said she’d be here by 11 but came at around 2pm) I held my much awaited package in my hands!

anike herbal solutions review

Anike Herbal Solutions. I’d first stumbled across this page via the page of its owner, Anike Oladimeji (@anikethebosschick). I liked the concept, and was a bit skeptical at first. One thing that puts me off some business pages is the way their Instagram layout looks. If it’s tacky and thrown together anyhow, littered with Whats App screenshots and the occasional photos, I am put off.

However, I decided to stay with the page and look past the flaws. I looked at the price list of the products, and told myself that I would definitely purchase something in 2017. I read the Whats App screenshots, saw photos from happy customers and I was sold.

A Window of Opportunity

My first opportunity came earlier this year, around February/March! I one day was scrolling through the page after sending some questions to the admin and also a distributor based in Abuja. I saw it clearly – 30% off orders from distributors and 50% off orders from the website, Style Rum. I rushed to purchase with my card – my first time shopping online with my card in Nigeria!

A few days after I collected my package (this was stressful though because it took quite a while for the people at Peace Mass to find my package. However, I triumphed in the end!) My first order was a kit called the ‘Zee’s Kit’ – it was supposed to consist of a facial mask, pimple cream, tub of black soap. I also ordered a ‘glowing cream’ and ‘brightening serum’. Altogether, it came to just under 6000 (with shipping included).

Looking back though, I made a bad decision. I should’ve gotten the 30% discount from the Abuja based distributor and paid 1000 for delivery instead of 2000 which I paid due to ordering from the website (meaning the package would come from lagos!)

A downside of the first order, however, was that I got 2 pimple creams instead of 1 pimple cream and 1 facial mask.

Another Sale? Yes Please!

Another 50% off sale came about this Easter and I was excited! I thought, why not buy some more products then stick to them and use in a daily routine, then look at any differences in my skin? I quickly ordered 2 more glowing creams, 1 brightening serum, 1 facial mask and 1 coconut cleanser! My expectations are this – I had a lot of dark spots on my face due to acne and wanted to tone my face, which is darker than my whole body and makes me feel down sometimes.

First Impressions – First Order

The packaging is alright, mostly plastic. The labels are bright and the writing is legible. However I wish they had detailed instructions on using the products. Maybe I’m just a bit slow…

Pimple Cream: The pimple cream has quite a smell! I can’t describe it, but It’s nothing flowery for sure! It is used as a mask for the face. The package says it is to be left on the face overnight but hell no, I don’t think so! It has a thick consistency so how would I sleep? I change my facial position so many times, by the time I wake up it would be smeared all over!

OPINION: The first three times I used it, I was quite put-off by the smell. I haven’t used it frequently enough to form a strong enough opinion.

Anike Herbal Solutions

Pimple cream & facial mask (made with turmeric)

Glowing Cream & Brightening Serum: These are recommended to be bought together and mixed. To be honest, it made me feel like I was some strange person mixing bleaching cream… but let me go ahead anyway. The smell is so lovely! The brightening serum is oil which smells like roses and when mixed with the glowing cream the smell is like sherbet/roses/candy.

I like the glowing cream/brightening serum combo so far because it is the only cream that actually works on my skin. I tried using Jergens moisturizer a couple of times but it would dry quickly and leave me looking like the mother of ashy folk! Since Jergens disappointed, I returned to my precious Vaseline, lol. The purpose of the two products is to make the skin ‘glow’ as well as tone the skin.

OPINIONIt’s a nice cream, but I didn’t really notice any major changes. Of course, change takes time! It’s only been about 3 months. I can’t expect years of development to be changed overnight.

anike herbal solutions

Brightening serum & glowing cream

Black Soap: I usually use Dudu Osun, but since this was part of the kit I was interested. I love the black soap! It has a beautiful, zesty scent which I like inhaling whenever I use the soap. I guess it’s made my pimply face a bit better so far. No new pimples have really been emerging as much as before.

OPINION: The black soap is awesome. I love using it, it smells quite zesty and tropical to me. It has lasted me a long time, even until now (August). I bought it in May. Black soap is always an awesome addition to anyones’ routine.


I’m nearly finished, but it has lasted quite long!

african black soap

Ingredients of the simple black soap

anike herbal solutions - mind of amaka review

The black soap – there’s different variations but I went with the basic one. There’s one with carrot, cucumber, etc!


TIP: I must say, the products are actually small in real life! Don’t be expecting something too big.

I’d say the facial mask/pimple cream/brightening serum are the same size as those tiny Vaseline containers or a small ‘Robb’ or tiger balm container. The glowing cream is can be said to be the same size of a normal Vaseline tub. The coconut cleanser is a decent size, similar to the size of a regular, slim deodorant can.

Facial Mask: I haven’t used it yet, but I’ll definitely write down my experience! It’s orange in colour and resembles a turmeric mask (that’s because it is one! The ingredients of the mask are turmeric and honey). I’ve been hearing about this turmeric mask, and I hope it works for me!

OPINION: I’ve used the facial mask. It’s nice and cool against my skin, but of course you must be careful when using it because it’s made of turmeric. It makes my skin feel better, but I don’t use it too frequently.

anike herbal solutions review

anike herbal solutions review

Coconut Cleanser: My first impression is that it is grainy in texture, similar to the St Ives Apricot Scrub but finer. From their page reviews, it seems that this is quite a miracle product, which causes acne scars to disappear as well as other facial problems e.g. pimples etc. I hope I can echo the same opinion. It is made of Coconut and Olive oil, as the label says.

OPINION: I haven’t used it too frequently as in daily, but I like the feeling it leaves on my skin whenever I use it. I feel like I’m removing impurities from my face. It also leaves my face feeling smooth to the touch.


Glowing Cream: It seems the packaging has changed since last time! The new packaging is quite sturdy, but still plastic and thus it can dent. From the page, this batch was made with increased input from the CEO herself, meaning it will supposedly be better than the last. I guess I’ll just have to see!

I’ll post my updates at the end of each month until the products finish! I waited until there were sales before I decided to buy, as I didn’t want to pay the regular price and end up disappointed! Let’s pray this works! Wow, I just wrote 1000+ words on a brand that I haven’t even known for that long. It just goes to show how much I believe this brand will work for me. I hope I am not disappointed!

UpdateSo, I didn’t stick to this plan after all. I wasn’t even able to get a steady skincare routine going due to school and life, but whenever I use the products I am satisfied! The prices have all now increased, and the packaging has changed once again. I can’t afford all the stuff I’d like to try right now, unfortunately, but perhaps in the near future! At least, I haven’t finished this batch yet.

Have you heard of this brand? What do you think of them? I hope you like my review!



13 thoughts on “Review: Anike Herbal Solutions

  1. Uyai By Eno says:

    Your flatly looks better than the ones I’ve had. My friend had major breakouts using their products and that changed my mind at a trial as she and I have similar skin type. But good luck. I’ll be watching for your updates.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Amaka says:

      Are you serious! Oh dear! So when your friend had the break outs, she stopped using the products immediately? Hope she’s better now. I was really curious about this brand and what attracted me especially was the whole organic thing they had going on. Well, different skin, different reactions. So far I haven’t had any, we thank God. Haha thank you for appreciating the flatlay attempt! I’m enjoying your comments


  2. Seky says:

    Hey! Your Flatlay looks great. And btw I used Anike Herbal products too, maybe it’s just me. Didn’t see much changes in my skin. So I decided not to buy again. I feel it works well on different skins, seen a few it worked well for, not me yet.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Girly says:

    I’m sooo disappointed and I hate it when customer service is extremely POOR. I bought products and and 8days later no delivery. you can even call to update customer what is going on. you can’t do business without empathy for customers. I have never experienced this style ever before.

    Liked by 1 person

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