MOA x Haute Signatures

Here I am again with another attempt at a photoshoot!

P.S. Sorry for the photo quality, I didn’t save the edited photos properly!

I’ve always heard the term ‘haute couture’ but never really understood it. A quick Google brings me the definition “expensive, fashionable clothes produced by leading fashion houses.” Basically, haute couture (pronounced ‘hote catore’ according to Urban Dictionary) is high fashion.

Think of those crazy looks you might have peeped at those highly hyped fashion shows, models strutting fiercely down the catwalk. Some of these designs are so cool to me, and yet I always wonder, why make something people won’t be able to wear everyday? As for me, I am a strong believer and advocate for everyday, comfortable clothing.



With my short ramble finished, I went to the nearby market the other day in search of goodies. I had some errands to fulfil concerning Ankara, so of course I was glad to go! Once I bought the Ankara, I decided to drop by into a nice thrift store I had patronized before. I went through the rack, without anything particular in mind.


However, a shirt caught my eye. It was a yellow, black & white print shirt, which was long sleeve. I knew I just had to have it. I quickly ran my eyes and hands through it, looking for any defects. I envisioned how It would match with any current pieces I had in my wardrobe, deciding to buy it. Looking at it now, I love the print but still feel a bit ‘meh’ considering It was kind of an impulse buy which left me with –N1000. I’ll definitely try to make it work! Perhaps I should strictly buy black and white from now on!


Also, I seem to have quite some favour when it comes to giveaways. When I enter a giveaway with my heart set on winning, I actually do win! One of such giveaways caused these glasses from Haute Signatures to cross paths with me. I remember when I entered the competition, looking at the photo of the prizes to give me extra motivation. A few hours later, I realized I won! I was dancing like a mad woman. I like the glasses because they make me feel modern & give me ‘cool girl’ vibes. This is nice especially, considering my normal style is very plain.


Weave in mouth – delicious.


I was feeling random (no actually, I’m avoiding my law books – I can’t find the motivation!) so I decided to practice my makeup. I’ve come a long way when It comes to makeup, so I wanted to do something extra like imitate those IG photos I’m bombarded with where I see highlights fiercely popping. I didn’t quite perfect it, but I said let me take photos anyway! After much screaming and running about, I managed to force my brother to take me photos. Ah, what a nice sibling I am.


So, there we are.

Okay, a photoshoot should ideally have more than 1 photo of the actual person wearing the clothes. I’ll do better next time! I just need to work on negotiating with the siblings.

Haute Signatures: The Verdict


I’d rate my Haute Signature glasses a solid 8.5/10, just because I’m not too down with the green that shows up when light reflects on it. I was thinking It would be completely clear (or is that how they’re meant to work?) It’s a sturdy accessory and came well packaged! Im not even saying this just because I got it completely free. It’s a good product and I’m sure all else they have possess this same quality.

Their packaging is definitely on point and something to take notes on.

I remember opening the package, having to go through a plastic bag which I believe had bubble wrap before getting to the black drawstring bag. They were also nice and professional when it came to getting my info and getting the package to me. I was still new to Abuja though, so It was a bit complex when it came to communicating with the delivery man. In the end, I triumphed!

It photographs well though!

If you’re looking for cool glasses, why not check them out here?

clear frame glasses

See the green/purple reflection?


By the way, what do you think of my phone photography? I’m honestly liking the photos and I’m glad I’m getting better at flat lays (editing needs more work though)! Shoutout to my phone, my window, my Ankara leftover pieces, white background & natural lighting for everything!



13 thoughts on “MOA x Haute Signatures

    • Amaka says:

      They do have a nice collection! I wish them all the best for the future. I’ve messaged them to ask, I’ll get back to you on the name of this particular pair

      Liked by 1 person

    • Amaka says:

      It’s not my fault oo ma, I just am very camera shy lol! It took strength to put out this post sef! Lol I have prescribed glasses but.. yeah I don’t wear them


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