Mind on the Month: November + Big Announcement

Ah, yet again another month has ended. I don’t even know why these months seem to rush by so fast! Next thing we know, it’s 2018! I don’t know why, but I’m feeling a bit excited for 2018, I feel like I will really achieve a lot of growth next year, in addition to the growth experienced this year.

I’ll just try and recap what I do remember of this month..meaning the highlights!



Work has started on our next collection. I went fabric shopping and safe to say, it was hectic! Either way, I’m looking forward to what will be the outcome of this collection.


Law Week: 

November each year brings about law week in my university. And with law week, there are so many events packed into it – cultural night, law dinner, trade fair, barbecues, movie nights.. so much more!


For the first time, I stopped being a hermit and decided to go to the Cultural night. I absolutely LOVED it! Although I was disgusted at how late we started (my people, they said 6-7pm on the flyer, but we started at 9-9.30) I really enjoyed it. I also thank God I didn’t go for the food because as I was leaving to go home, the food started being shared! This was at around 11PM.

Law Dinner

With law week, comes the much dreaded anticipated law dinner. This event really made me mad because of the stress it put me through. I usually have an idea of what I want to wear from the start of the year, but due to school stuff, everything just fell apart. I wanted to really plan my dress, but time ran out and I really messed up.

Either way, I ended up patronizing my trusty tailor, who made my dress in about 1 hour on the day before the law dinner. Another thing that made me mad was on the flyer, we were instructed to get there 5.30 sharp. I almost fainted from anxiety when at 6, I was still rushing to my tailor because the dress looked like a nun’s dress on me. It was horrible. I then ran in jeans and a t-shirt then rushed to school.


Lo and behold, there were barely any cars in sight. The law dinner then started way past 7pm, and it was one of the worst events I’ve ever been to. There was nothing exciting, and the food was terrible to top it off! I left the law dinner with a bitter taste, and regret at how much money I spent on a dress, makeup, transport as well as other things.

I liked my makeup though (I got someone to handle my eyes, but did the brows, contouring etc by myself, as last year I let someone else do it, but ended up looking like the Queen of the Coast), but that’s not the point!

Getting a Wig

In this post, I mentioned my hair troubles to you guys, and I appreciate the comments left there. I was a bit divided on how to do my hair for the law dinner, but at the end, considering it’s a one-night thing, decided to be practical. And so, I have added my first wig to my weaponry collection. The wig life is marvelous, scratching my hair whenever I want to, whipping it on and off.


The other day, I needed to get a cab for my mum. I quickly changed my clothes and threw on my wig (not yet ready to go into the world looking like what I don’t know, because cornrows are terrible on me lol). I fear it will fall off, but generally, I’m happy. Wigs allow me to even join bad gang, I can get red hair and wear it whenever, without dealing with ramifications of being a law student (yay). I don’t know why it took me so long to get here.


Last but not the least.

Big Announcement: Going Self-Hosted

Sunday, November 26, will always be a memorable day. It was Black Friday Weekend, and I took one of the biggest steps ever, and purchased not just a domain, but went self-hosted. This was with the help of Who Go Host, a Nigerian company (I first heard of them from Bunie).

I hope the next year won’t be too challenging, and that they’ll offer good services when I need them. There were of course other big shot hosting companies – Blue Host, Go Daddy, Host Gator etc., but I wanted to start Nigerian because I could clearly see their prices in the Nigerian currency.

I felt a bit uncomfortable with all the dollar signs I was seeing on others. If Who Go Host ‘falls my hand’, I will of course move, but we’ll see! I would’ve paid about N10,700 for the hosting and domain name, but the Black Friday brought about 25% discount, and I removed something so I paid N7700 altogether. 

Buying hosting and owning my domain name makes me wonder why other people don’t go it sooner. There are some people that have blogged for years but still won’t get it. I realized how cheap it actually is (depending on who you go for), we’re talking 12 months! Hopefully, I’ll be able to give someone a domain and hosting package one day. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 5.33.12 AM

So yeah guys, I’m now www.mindofamaka.com, check it out and look out for errors, as I’m still playing around with the buttons (oh my goodness, so many!) My internet browser history went from just perusing Pinterest, to “HTTP v https” and whatnot. It’s exciting! I also love installing plug-ins and the many themes on wordpress.org.

Getting a domain is actually such a big deal because I was very reluctant. I kept feeling that I should wait until I turned a year old, or use free WordPress for like 3 years to save money or whatnot. I also thought of what I would do if someone was to buy my domain name, and that, coupled with some heavy excitement, made me take the plunge. Sometimes, wait, but sometimes, just go ahead!

This will be basically my last post on this my wordpress.com blog! I really hope you keep following me on this journey!

Why do people not get the whole she-bang (domain, hosting)? Is it because they don’t really want to take blogging too seriously, financial limitations, or fear of responsibilities? I’d really like to know. How about we discuss!






32 thoughts on “Mind on the Month: November + Big Announcement

  1. Red says:

    O wow! congratulations on your domain name and self -hosting! Huge step! I’ve been considering self-hosting but I feel like it might be too much work. Please let us know how it goes. Hugs

    Liked by 2 people

    • Amaka says:

      So you’re on worpdress premium right? You just bought only your domain? It’s not as much work I’d say, but maybe that’s because I just started. There’s hundreds more options though, and that, I find absolutely fascinating. I’ll definitely update you guys!

      Liked by 2 people

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