Mind on the Month: November + Big Announcement

Ah, yet again another month has ended. I don't even know why these months seem to rush by so fast! Next thing we know, it's 2018! I don't know why, but I'm feeling a bit excited for 2018, I feel like I will really achieve a lot of growth next year, in addition to the … Continue reading Mind on the Month: November + Big Announcement

Shop & Tell: Aliexpress Haul

I mentioned previously that I read the Smart Money Woman, and safe to say, it had me thinking of a lot of things. I never said that I would stop shopping completely though!  More about me, I'm the type of person who would rather use an amount of money to get plenty things, as opposed … Continue reading Shop & Tell: Aliexpress Haul

Of Lice and Men: A Treatise on My Hair

P.S. I don't have lice, but I do love the ring the title had to it! You know, there are many things one can worry about in this life. When you add a scalp that is fighting with you, things are just not easy! I don't know why, but my scalp just seems to hate … Continue reading Of Lice and Men: A Treatise on My Hair

My Favourite Makeup Items

Hey folks! You know, I'm totally not a person who goes through the whole routine of adding 'hey' at the start of each post. I just want to get into the story already. If you're a blogger and you do it, why do you do it? You can answer in the comments! This post is … Continue reading My Favourite Makeup Items

One Year a Co-Owner

I don't normally mention that I have a business around here much. Well, if you didn't know, now you know! I co-own Elci Threads, which I like to call ELCI, along with my friend, Linda! It's actually crazy that on this day, a year ago, we launched our business, along with our first collection. Honestly, … Continue reading One Year a Co-Owner

Girls that Influence: Linda Iriza

Not everyone is lucky to have good people in their lives. We all need people who will motivate us to do our very best, who will continue inspiring us, not to do stupid things, but instead to work on becoming a better version of ourselves. I am pleased to say I have had such people … Continue reading Girls that Influence: Linda Iriza

The Smart Money Woman, An Awakening

I've honestly always been money conscious. By money conscious, I mean stingy. Jokes! I'll give when I am led, but for the most part, I don't like spending my own money (like many sane people). My first experience with money was getting a job at a deli. I'd reached an age where I realised one … Continue reading The Smart Money Woman, An Awakening

Mind on the Month: October

Wow, it's actually crazy to think the month of October has come and gone, just like that. I remember how excited I was to type the last Mind on the Month, but here I am, completely deflated. I hope you all had a great October, at least! I don't actually recall most of what happened … Continue reading Mind on the Month: October

3 Ways I Treat Myself

The other day, I took advantage of some natural lighting and decided to play around with flat-lays. I also discovered just how many pink things I have lying around my room! That's rich, coming from someone who claims that blue is their favourite colour! I have to admit, I'm growing more and more attracted to … Continue reading 3 Ways I Treat Myself