Style Edit: Casually Corporate

I recently wrote a post on my feelings of conflict amidst a rising insecurity about my law path. I consider this post to be a kind of continuation of that, because the truth is I have a lot of stuff I'm trying to figure out, like most people out there. Style Blogger Struggles Firstly I'd … Continue reading Style Edit: Casually Corporate

Experience: Learning to Sew

Thread a needle thread a needle, long long thread, a needle, a needle, long long thread

Shop & Tell: My Best Shopping Steals

  Thrifting, or 'bend-down-select' AKA okrika, is amazing. I think a lot of bloggers can't deny this fact. Thrifting alone is an awesome word, and the act is something that gives energy in a way. Come on, who wouldn't be excited to get a good deal and save a ton of money! I love shopping, … Continue reading Shop & Tell: My Best Shopping Steals

white lace bralette, white lace bralette pinterest, lace bralette pinterest

How To: Survive an Assassination Attempt

You're probably wondering what on earth the correlation is between the title of this post, and the featured photo. Worry not, and stay with me.  “I thought you were my friend! I thought we had resolved to weather the storms of life together, going hand in hand like best friends forever!” I screamed into the … Continue reading How To: Survive an Assassination Attempt

The Style Edit: Inhibitions

Welcome to The Style Edit, my personal style diary. If you haven’t read the first chapter (here), check it out! That is basically the first page of this style diary. I consider myself to have an “aunty” style. Think that one nosy family member who always has something to say but can’t get her life … Continue reading The Style Edit: Inhibitions

The Style Edit: Genesis

Ever since I mastered the joys of the internet, I have always had a thing for saving photos of stuff. Whether I saw an amazing aesthetically pleasing photo on Tumblr, We Heart It, or Pinterest, my instinct was to save. This has led to folders upon folders, filled with all sorts of inspirational photos. When … Continue reading The Style Edit: Genesis

MOA x Haute Signatures

Here I am again with another attempt at a photoshoot! P.S. Sorry for the photo quality, I didn't save the edited photos properly! I’ve always heard the term ‘haute couture’ but never really understood it. A quick Google brings me the definition “expensive, fashionable clothes produced by leading fashion houses.” Basically, haute couture (pronounced ‘hote … Continue reading MOA x Haute Signatures