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That's right, folks! I've moved and gotten my own domain name and hosting at, I just hope I can maintain that. Please subscribe and channel your love that way, and Happy New Year! See you in 2018!

The Smart Money Woman and I

Getting my hands on this book finally, was one of the most exciting moments ever. I had been looking for this opportunity for a long time. I feel like really reading up on personal finance, as well stocking up on knowledge that will help me out in life. It's never too late to start preparing, … Continue reading The Smart Money Woman and I

My 6 Month Blog-versary

Anniversaries are weird sometimes. I give side eyes to the couples that celebrate things like 1 month anniversary and whatnot. Oh well, what's my business? If I was to get married, I think I'd do a 6 month and 1 year anniversary, then 3, 5, 10. After the 10th one, I'd celebrate majorly every 5 … Continue reading My 6 Month Blog-versary

Law Student, Mass Comm. Mind

From Pilot to Lawyer I first was attracted to the idea of being a lawyer when I was in high school. Prior to that moment of discovery, I'd considered a variety of options for a humble career. Like any normal person, I wanted to be a writer, then a teacher, a dancer, a painter, a … Continue reading Law Student, Mass Comm. Mind

Nigerian Pride: An Ode to Nigerian Creatives

So, it’s basically independence day. This day probably solicits a wide range of responses from people, from absolute joy (because, public holiday and whatnot) to numbness. Some may have probably lost all motivation and hope for this country, due to the hardships they have faced in it. I’m still quite young, and have been blessed, … Continue reading Nigerian Pride: An Ode to Nigerian Creatives

Mind on the Month: September

I don't think I've ever been as excited to write a 'Mind on the Month' post, as I am to write this one. The last time I was this excited was probably the first time I started writing these posts, in April. Well, I hope this excitement lasts, and October brings gifts with it!  Firstly, … Continue reading Mind on the Month: September

We Need More Safe Spaces: The Joro Olumofin Blog

Imagine a little corner of the internet, a place filled with all sorts of characters. A place where people come to laugh or cry, based on what is being presented to them. A place with a comment section rife with all sorts of comments, small fights and arguments, littered with insults (some of which you … Continue reading We Need More Safe Spaces: The Joro Olumofin Blog

Short Story: Cut From a Different Cloth

She had ran away from her husbands home, she had destroyed the sacred marriage. Who would have known that this young girl married off young and beautiful to a reasonably wealthy family would’ve brought disgrace?

Then and Now: #NeverSayNever

Firstly, shoutout to Ada of Crave Jade for this post which inspired me to do something similar. Remember when the world first discovered Justin Bieber and it felt like nearly every girl was crazy about him? Maybe you don't. Maybe you weren't even crazy about him. I remember that time period, and I also was … Continue reading Then and Now: #NeverSayNever