Short Story: Cut From a Different Cloth

She had ran away from her husbands home, she had destroyed the sacred marriage. Who would have known that this young girl married off young and beautiful to a reasonably wealthy family would’ve brought disgrace?

Memoirs of the House Help

Hope is recruited as a house girl for a troubled family residing in the big city. While awaiting a chance to further her education, she is exposed to the fact that the rich do cry, as she develops her identity; propelled by her dreams of a better tomorrow.

Short Story | Set Up To Fail

This is a short story idea which I thought of the other day. I hope you enjoy the read. I haven't actually sat down to write anything creative in months so pardon my rustiness! You can help me out by suggesting themes or topics to incorporate into future short stories, I would really appreciate it and … Continue reading Short Story | Set Up To Fail