Perhaps you’re intrigued by what you see, and want to work with me, either through collaborations with you as a blogger, or even as a brand! Well, look no further, this is the page for you. Here are my details:


Instagram: @mindofamaka

It all starts with an email! Simply type a message introducing yourself, and we’ll take it from there. I look forward to collaborations that may come my way!

Here is a little guide to what I can offer, along with links to a sample work of mine!

For Brands

Detailed, honest product reviews – See my review on Anike Herbal Solutions

Humorous Posts – See How to Survive an Assassination Attempt

Style Posts – Perhaps you’ve seen my lamentations regarding finding my style, and want to test my creativity/think you have something that will look nice on me. Feel free to send that email!

Instagram Posts: This can include flat lay photos, quick reviews, etc! You’re free to negotiate the package that is right for you.

For Bloggers

I once did a ‘what type of blogger are you?’ test, and I got blogger bestie. That’s right, I’m quite a supportive person, I want to see other bloggers like me thrive! So, in the search of awesome content for not just myself, but also others, here are some ways we can collaborate:

Guest Posting


Swaps (email or DM for more details!)

Any other creative things you come up with

Note that I prefer other lifestyle bloggers like me, but if the idea is awesome then I can go beyond this specification. All you need to do is send that first email!

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